November 2012


We hope this Newsletter finds you well!

We've heard lots of talk about the world coming to an end this year, next month to be exact,ha! But, I highly doubt that the end is near, nor do I think that anybody truly knows when the "end" will come. However, I do believe that we are entering a new planetary consciousness, a time of transition from one World age into another. Personally, I feel that it is a time for transformation and renewal, and I encourage everyone to really focus on themselves, to go inside and feel everything there is to feel. Feel your shadows, your fears, your blessings, bless them and let them go - detach, and feel what it means to live in full light.


As this new consciousness continues to expand, major shifts with in our selves will need to take place. Old structures will no longer support "the new way of thinking" and new structures will then take their place. Where we stand in all of this depends on our thoughts and the actions we take regarding our thoughts.

If you continue to believe that bad is going to happen to you and that things just can't get better, your thoughts are on the lower end of the frequency scale, and since "water seeks its own level" and "like attracts like," you will unfortunately continue to wallow in the swamp of your own creations. So, how do you begin to make the shift into the new consciousness and the shift into having and being all that you desire? You declare once and for all that you are "willing to do what it takes" to make the shift, to let go of the old and embrace the new. The mere declaration of being willing to make this shift and change will bring about new thoughts and new actions.

Easier said then done, yes, it can be, but oh it is so WORTH IT! Know that change might not come easy and/or fast, and that is perfectly fine. Allow yourself to feel and process, but stay in the moment. Do not allow low frequencies to keep you down or take you back to old patterns. Recognize them, bless them, and move them up and out. Do what it takes to stay positive, think of things that make you happy, meditate, breath, do Yoga, go for a walk, and most importantly, surround your self with people that are on the same path as you are.

I believe in you, I know you can do it. And you know why I know you can? Because I've done it. Because I am doing it. Because I am feeling it. Because I am processing, and I am letting it go. I am with you my brothers and sisters. I feel your pain, as much as I feel your strength. You are not alone in this, we are all in this together, as one.

I am grateful to experience this moment in the history of our planet, with you, to align ourselves with the new shift in consciousness. Infinite love and gratitude.

"The world will not end. It will be transformed... Everything will change...Change is accelerating now, and it will continue to accelerate...If the people of the earth can get to this 2012 date in good shape, without having destroyed too much of the Earth, we will rise to a new, higher level. But to get there we must transform enormously powerful forces that seek to block the way...Humanity will continue, but in a different way. Material structures will change. From this we will have the opportunity to be more human..."


-Carlos Barrio

Sat Nam,

Yesenia Batalla


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